Inner Actionable Insights

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Last update: Sat, 20 Feb 2021 20:06:36 +0800
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Step I. Discovering The Baseline

Examine whether every mindless activity such as walking, showering, eating drives more mind wandering than a focused activity such as working, studying.

Examine whether every mental object has its own character and agenda and thus it is sometimes in conflict with another mental object. e.g, you do something willingly but you regret it later and question yourself why you did it.

Examine whether every good material object has a craving embedded.

Examine whether every bad material object has unwholesome mental factors embedded.

Monitor whether your mind creates optimistic thoughts/emotions when you live life as a normal person. Or is it purely based on external influences?

Examine whether every good external situation has a craving embedded in form of feeling pleased.

Examine whether every bad external situation has an unwholesome mental factors embedded.

Examine whether fear/disappointment arises when we learn it is more likely for us to end up in bad life even if we do meditation because our this last moment near death defines next destination.

Examine whether subtle aversion to our body arises when we learn the reason of rebirth is due to our compliance with body's requests.

Examine whether body or mind tension is relieved when a desire is fulfilled; alternatively tension is increased when it is not fulfilled.

Examine that simply waiting for the mind to provide peace or happiness would happen only when good external situations happen. (Often called dull mind is evil's house)

Examine whether the mind generates happiness only when consuming materials that are pleasing to the senses.

Examine whether the mind is NOT necessarily motivated to do meditation practice at all time; rather than treat it as a task that is better be done.

Examine whether the mind doesn't need material success to make itself happy; it simply needs something to look forward to.

Examine whether the dull mind can't generate peace. It needs activities to make itself happy. Even in meditation, the mind is doing mindfulness activities.

Step II. Transcending The Baseline

Send Loving Kindness to every individual you come across now and rest of today.

Reduce occurrance of recurring negative mind with persistent practice of Loving Kindness.

Treat recurring realization feeling of suffering with nature of Impermanence. ("Oh this feeling shall too pass; not be permanent")

Treat recurring default reactive, compulsive mode of mind with Loving Kindness. (May this anger, upset, worry, , blaming mind, ..etc be in peace)

Treat wandering mind with Loving Kindness. (May this thought be in peace)

Treat judging, blaming mind on people and situations with made-up optimism.

Fill dull moments with Loving Kindness.