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Why Am I Here

Ideology 1:

No person is born with positive mindsets.

The purpose of life based on this fact is to strive for positive mindsets and transcend the level of intelligence before union with the Creation/Source/God/Nibbanna.

Meditation FAQs

Q: Can I use mouth for breathing?

A: Use mouth breathing only when you have blocked nose. Nasal passageways filters allergens and adds moisture to inhaled air for smoother entry to the lungs. - -

Q: How can I see or feel meditation as a reward?

A:Just feel the win whenever you try to catch a thought in its formation and dissipation. You have millions of chances even if you keep failing.

Q: How long should I meditate?

A: Regular duration every day is a must. Start small. If you wish to do more, do more.

Q: Is trying many technique good for me?

A: See How Gautama Became a Buddha and 1800 techniques of Yoga - |

Q: Can I make my mind silent?

A: See

Q: Why is Meditation so Difficult

A: Please see

Q: Can Holding Your Breath Damage Your Brain?

A: Please see excellent explanation by Jesse -

Q: I find I'm more present doing kickboxing than meditation. Should I still need to meditate?

A: Please don't mix meditation with exercise which is also essential to support our strenght and physical well-being.

Q: Every time I meditate, I feel agitated.

A: Relax and keep forgiving your agitated mind. Your whole meditation session will all be forgiveness. Do this forgiveness practice until it is lessened to none.

Q: Why are there so much of commercialization of meditation programs?

A: Each of us still needs to eat. After all they're spending time for good things and they're not killing animals. The moment you see further from yourself, you're already gone.

Q: I needed a meditation session, but I just couldn’t bring myself to sit down.

A: Do only 1minute. Check out 1-minute session at

Q: I've lost interests in life from meditation. How can I avoid that?

A: Just be aware of this mood thought. It is just happening on its own. It'll go away by itself.

Q: How can I control desire?

A: If you've a burning feeling, just fulfil it. If not,it can be reduced as soonest as you focus on its vanishing points so that you don't hold on to stimulus. Best is to stay away from stimulus.

Q: How can it be possible that I am not my body as every living organism feels its physical body? |

A: When you're physical pain, try which one makes you feel much better - This body is mine vs This body is NOT mind; it's simply doing its functions.

Q: How can it be possible that I am not my mind as we all have emotions and feelings? |

A: When you're emotional pain, try which one makes you feel much better - this IS my mind vs this is NOT my mind; it's simply doing its functions.

Q: Why can only humans be enlightened?

A: Only humans can observe themselves, own thoughts, emotions. It's very mystical behavior of human mind. Without it, we can never meditate observing ourselves. This verifies that only human can attain Buddha.

Q: What is good about balancing breath?

A: Daily we most have one open nose for breathing. Based on left or right sides, we are influenced by the particular open brain's functions,

Q: Why is labeling thoughts important?

A: Simply being aware of thoughts may make you follow those thoughts. Once you label them, you may stop such thought from continuing its life.

Q: What's the purpose of body scan meditation?

A: Body scan meditation is to recognize our body is not a unified thing but a collection of parts: heart,lungs,hands,legs,heads.

Q: What is "discover your true self"?

A: It's misleading and makes you think you have unique self. In fact, our true self is just nature of mind and body and non-meditators never get aware of them.

Q: Is Buddhism The Only Path To Enlightenment?


Why Can People Start To Meditate

Only those who received a “wake-up call” may launch their transformation. The “wake-up call” mostly comes from individual experiences of stress, depression, loss of loved ones, or major health issues.

These wake-up calls are unbearable most of the times and persist months and years.

For very few others, the decision to try meditation is their last resorts after trying all kinds of stuff that do not fulfill their satisfactions.

For very few, the decision to do meditation is what they just do it for religion purpose or something they feel they should do.

None of these reasons are not due to the fact that Buddha persuading us to do meditation.

After Buddha's Nirvana, people moved on their life generation after generation. Hence we are now

Why People Avoid Meditation

For knowledge workers as most of us are, our work and study are our #1 priority because we will die if we don't work and study.

We don't do meditation because we won't die if we don't do.

We eat because we will die if we don't eat.

We sleep because we can't function if we don't sleep.

We choose to do entertainment instead because it gives instant pleasure.

In a nutshell, our survival followed by pursuit of happiness is our #1 priority, same with all other creatures on the planet.

In other words, all movements, actions, decisions are away from death so that they can lead to survival.

Based on this fact, meditation is putting the mind to a single point, the present moment and thus it is killing the survival nature of the mind. Similarly, the definition of Nibanna scares entires population.

Even when we do meditation due to wake-up calls, it is again due to our survival because we want to escape from tragic emotional trauma.

No quick return-on-investment benefits.

No need to meditate for calming down mind and happiness.

Life will continue even if not doing Meditation.

It's easier to drink alcohol and get stress relief than doing Meditation.

It's easier to watch movies and visit nature for relaxation than Meditation.

It's easier to keep mourning for loss of loved ones than Meditation

There are endless contents to consume in social media and entertainment options.

How People Avoid Meditation

What's that? I've never heard of it before.

I'm already fine with I'm doing in my free time. Life is good, so I don’t need it.

What’s the point? It’s just a New Age fad.

Meditation is just a fancy name for relaxation, napping, or self-hypnosis.

Meditation is too hard. I can’t calm my mind.

It takes years to truly benefit from it.

I don’t have time to meditate.

Meditation is boring.

You need to be spiritual to meditate.

Meditation is escapism.

Meditation is selfish.

It will make me emotionless.

I’ve tried to meditate, but it doesn’t work for me. I’m not good at it.

I don’t know where to begin!

I can't calm my mind.

I fall asleep every time I meditate.

Why Can't I Convince People To Meditate

Buddha's time was of huge transition where traditional societies were being rocked by the emergence of cities, kings, coins and an emerging middle class.

It was precisely at that time that Buddha was preaching renunciation – that wealth and belongings are not everything.

As people moved on generation after generation, we are here.

It definitely proved that even Buddha can't force entire population to enter in enlightened state

If Buddha managed to transform entire world population to get enlightenment during his day, we won't be here anymore.

Why Most Retired People Are Not Keen To Meditate

What someone is doing now is what they will be doing in future.

When people are free from finance struggle from tomorrow, the very first things they will do are things from their relaxation pools.

How Meditation Is Applicable To Real Life

Meditation is like insurance as we can't choose our life only to be full of happy endings or to be fully under our control.

Undesirable situations may happen (have happened to you, may still happen) in your life.

Thus, it's important to buy this insurance quickly before it can't help you immediately in times of needs.

When you're in life tragedy, the benefit of meditation works slowly because you're overloaded with emotional trauma and may not able to spare time for meditation to be absorbed quickly.

How Meditation Reduces Bad Karma Logically

One may think meditation has super power that automatically eliminates bad Karma. In fact, it's not.

We are what we are. What we are is what we see, hear, and learn from outside worlds. Imagines a toddler who knows nothing yet about the world.

In fact, we're nobody but what we have gathered from society through years of outward learning since our childhood.

Living life without awareness is being occupied and loaded with backgrounds that is daily populated with increasing new ideas, facts, things learnt from society and as such, automatic judgements and responses happen compulsively.

These automatic judgements and responses simply come from our past memories and assumptions we made on each circumstance.

Now that we're staying with awareness, we are only left with doing good Karma, eliminating the influences of bad things to happen both to ourselves and everyone we come in contact with.

How Meditation Can Pause Time

Each thought and emotion have 3 life cycles: initiation, activation, termination.

During the activation phase, the mind requests for feedback and action plan.

If we give a feedback: "I like it, I hate it.", the activation phase schedules similar thought and emotion to happen at similar situation in future.

If we give a feedback: "I must do it.", the activation phase asks the mind to take physical action whenever circumstances are right.

If we give a feedback: "It is ok whatever. I accept it.", the activation phase terminates the occurring thought and emotion for that moment.

With the repetitive practice of meditation and mindfulness in daily life, we start noticing thoughts and emotions in real time, as they are happening. If fear comes, you're aware that fear is there. If anger comes, you're aware anger is there.

With more meditation practice, you notice the thoughts/emotions before they express themselves or control over you in lengthy time. Such noticing gives you a pause to respond, rather than react.

All these pauses are like pausing time machine in science fiction movies. When you can pause the time, you have power over enemies. When you can pause activation of thoughts and emotions, you have power over them.

Spirituality FAQs

Q: Is Law of Attraction real?

A: I'd rather define it as Positivity. Seeing, feeling and foreseeing things positively calm worries and anxieties.

Q: We still need to eat, don't we? Is spiritual important?

A: As long as you're loving your life and find peace within what you're doing, there's no need to learn spirituality.

Q: If living a spiritual life that condemns the need for ego, what is left to motivate? -

A: You'll do only what matters most to you rather than each and everything that comes to your mind.

Q: My boss makes me stressed. Will he get bad Karma?

A: No as no intention. He only has intention to get jobs done.

Q: I hate my job but can't change it now. What to do?

A: Be grateful every time you eat and spend money which is due to that work.

Q: What does it mean to learn spiritual knowledge?

A: We've been learning outward. Learning spirituality is learning inward.

Q: What is Dukkha

A: Anything temporary is Dukkha

Q: Why do we need to learn about our mind?

A: Mind's basic functions are applicable to everyone. Knowing how something functions gives you an advantage. This applies to every communication of our life. We're communicating with our mind every moment.