Career Managing Sideways → Negative: Nature

Negative by nature

Gossip at every chance they get

Might even make others feel guilty for things they haven’t done

Never let any positivity or enthusiasm float around.

Tend to have a competitive side

Tend to suck the life right out of you. Force you to remain engrossed with their negativity.

Tend to share less

Tend to work less

Generally looking for people to feed off their gossip, anger and disappointment, but they'll stop once they know they won't get anywhere.

Always says something negative

Constantly creates a hostile work environment

Unaware of how their negative attitude is impacting their relationships.

Staying around him makes you feel demoralized

Personal and targeted - For whatever reason a co-worker might not like you, he'll constantly complain and harass you into frustration.

Tend to complain on petty problems

Constant complainers aren't usually looking for solutions. Often they do it because they want to feel heard or they want their view to dominate - they want everyone to agree with them that the world is F’ed up.

Counteract positivity

Make it hard to have a fruitful conversation with them and others

Challenge collaboration and your team’s ability to find the middle ground

Shame others in public