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Realize that you can’t control any co-workers' behaviors

Realize that negative co-workers are not worried and not even aware of how their behaviors affect you and everyone else.

Negative people are a part of every workplace.

Instead of getting caught up in focusing on negativities, focus yourself and do the best you can at your job. It’ll help keep you positive, as well.

Arguing with a negative coworker will not get you anywhere, and unfortunately, they're more likely to hold onto their attitudes than you are.

Businesses need teamwork to function. You can't avoid bad co-workers. Just stay around postive colleagues more who lift you up and give you positive energy instead.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.-Eleanor Roosevelt

Start by firmly and swiftly booting the person out of your head. We can't control how people act, but we have 100 percent control over how we react to them.

Saying that your co-worker makes you feel bad about yourself or claiming that your boss makes you mad implies that other people have power over how you feel.

We can’t control other people negative vibrations but we can counter them only by raising our own positive energy levels to high level positive ones. This is how we can counter them.

If a bad apple at work is unkind to you, chances are they’re mean to others, too.

Most of the people you work with are not your friends. You can be friendly but you can't expect them to behave like your close friends.

Some people just have a negative outlook on life, live and thrive on negativities. It has nothing to do with you, so don’t take it personally.

Look for the hidden positive outcome motivating the person to act  in a certain bad way.

Consider ways you may be enabling the passive aggressive dynamic to stay in place as well: backhanded compliments