Career Managing Sideways → Types

The Finger Pointer/The Victims - blame on other people and don’t take responsibility for their actions

The Gossip on you - wreck your reputation if you don’t address the issue, yet every office has a gossip queen or king.

The Passive-Aggressive - agree to help you with a project but then come up short or miss a deadline.

The Credit Thief - You’ve done all the hard work and achieved great results—only to have your co-worker steal credit for your work and ideas.

The Back Stabber

The Bad News Bear - can’t wait to tell you that the supplier made a mistake, the executive is ticked off, and someone’s head is going to roll.

The Drama - whose workload is bigger than anyone else’s, who has the worst flu symptoms during cold season, and whose clients are the most annoying. They thrive on chaos and will one-up any story you have.

The Overly-Competitive

The Mr. Better/Know-It-All/Mr.Right - You got to listen to him/her. Only whatever she/he say is right and what other people are telling/working is all wrong or not up to his/her standards.

The Bully - picks on people, blames others, or tattles when it isn’t necessary to do so.

The Lazy - pushes off work and tries to get the rest of the team to carry their weight.

The Narcissist - highly conceited and will always brag about his achievements, accomplishments and his personal life incessantly

The Venus flytrap - who cycles between overvaluing and devaluing you and flips into more negativity ; believes in push-pull relationships; make you feel like he's your friend