Career Managing Sideways → Negative: Strategies

Remove your emotion from the interaction.

Focus on how you can react to their behavior in a way that it doesn’t drag you down

Focus on how you can react to their behavior in a way that it doesn't leave you obsessing over the situation.

Resist getting involved in any office politics

Try Not To Overanalyze. By overanalyzing the behavior of negative people, you’re essentially wasting your valuable time.

Set boundaries with the negative coworker at hand. Be frank what you can't stand. Physically stay away from them such as joining lunch.

Don't allow yourself to get draw into their negative conversations, and don’t show sympathy for the negativity.

Don’t engage in the competitiveness — it’s not worth it.

Keeping a paper trail of the specific items you worked on along the way in case this coworker tried to hijack your ideas and efforts as their own.

Avoid Bonding at all cost. It might be tempting in a scenario when the person brings up something that is particularly relevant to you where you want to chime in

Liimit the amount of time you spend with them.

Be Assertive - nothing stops the spread of their attitude as much as assertion does.

Speak up with when you're dealt with badly.

Set boundaries strictly.

Don't feel bad when you say No.

Don't be easily offended.

Avoid creating a social life that revolves around this person.

Redirect the conversation

Tell the negative coworker, you prefer to think about your job positively. Avoid providing a sympathetic audience for the negativity.

Stay consistent in your assertive communication and work to establish clear standards and expectations that hold them accountable.