Career Managing Up → Evaluator: Strategies

Avoid surprises as he doesn't like to put on the spot.

Be prepared and do your homework before you present your ideas.

Raise your standards as always as he's a perfectionist.

Pay close attention to detail.

Focus on facts, not feeling as he uses hunch to make a decision.

Be patient, persistent and diplomatic as he needs time to think and give him what he needs.

Impress with details, graphs and figures as he thrives on them.

Respect guidelines, standards, processes and procedures if he's driven by such. Skipping process is abhorrent to them.

Manage your emotions.

Learn from criticism if he likes to poke holes and identify potential problems.

Do your homework and provide your boss with as much detail as possible.

Focus on producing fewer but better projects, and pay attention to detail.

Give your Evaluator Boss plenty of time to respond to requests.

Avoid emotional responses and try to stay objective in conflict.

Learn to love facts and support your ideas with evidence.

Separate work criticism from personal criticism – it's not about you as a person!