Career Managing Up → Harmonizer: Strategies

Focus on the team. He's happiest when the whole team is working well together and everyone is getting along.

Do your part to establish and maintain harmony.

Don't dramatize situations.

Help him make decisions.

Be a people person like him.

Slow things done if he's a methodical person. He needs time to process ideas and create plans.

Challenge and reward yourself if he did not single you out for a great opportunity or reward you for hard work.

Find a mentor if you can't get to learn things from him.

Be a team player and show genuine concern for your boss and coworkers.

Approach change and conflict slowly and with a cool head.

Offer support for decision making and include others.

Avoid venting in front of your boss;

Find other outlets to express your emotions.

Show how your ideas improve safety or team cohesion.

Keep track of your own successes.

Don't get involved in office politics - Working with the same people every day means lots of relationship management, and at least the occasional personal conversation, but commit yourself to staying professional.