Career Managing Up → Psychos, Tyrants, and Bullies: Strategies

HR may be helpful but only if your HR department has the right kind of power.

If you do confront the bully, plan your conversation wisely and know that it will likely backfire.

Don't draw your colleagues in or expect them to help you.

Mediation probably won't work, but it might be worth a try.

Your boss's boss might be her ally, so tread carefully if you are thinking of going over the Truly Terrible's head.

Think long and hard about blowing the whistle.

Adopt a survivor mentality.

Distance yourself.

Protect your psyche – don a golden shield.

Maintain your professionalism and productivity.

Stay out of the line of fire as much as you can.

Activate your support network and take care of yourself.

Document everything, just in case you go the legal or HR route.

Plan your exit: Get your résumé and other docs in order.

Getting fired is not the worst thing to happen.

Doesn't treat team with respect.