Career Managing Up → Workaholics: Strategies

Weigh the pros and cons: A Workaholic Boss can help boost your career but often at the cost of increased stress and anxiety.

Know before you go: Do your homework on your boss, the organization, and the industry so you know what the work expectations are.

Figure out if your Workaholic Boss wants to see hours logged or work accomplished, then adjust accordingly. Give him what he wants.

If your Workaholic Boss is impressed by results, put your productivity into overdrive.

Align your boundaries with your boss's expectations.

Don't assume. Your boss may be firing off e‐mails at 8 p.m. just to get something off her plate; she may not need or want a response.

Promote your progress by keeping your boss apprised of your accomplishments.

Be prepared to make the sacrifice if that's what it takes (and is what you want).

There is no shame in being a workaholic yourself; just try not to impose that ethos on others