Career Managing Up → 1st - Access your manager

Carefully examine and note all characters and behaviours your manager.

Identify the nationality and origin of your manager. People from different nationality do and act the same way in some areas due to the prolonged years of stay during earlier life.

What is she ultimately trying to accomplish at this organization?

What does she value most (personally and professionally)?

How have past career experiences influenced what she does today?

What role does she envision you playing in her plans?

What does she expect from you?

What is your boss's workstyle personality? How does she interact with others?

What's her preferred mostly used communication patterns - in person/email/messenger?

Does she make decisions based more on data or hunches?

What are his concerns, challenges, and pressures?

What are his priorities?

What truly matters to her?

What are his pet peeves?

What does the organization expect from her?

What are her expectations for the team?

How much does she delegate?

When, to whom, how does she delegate?

Is he introverted or extroverted?