Career Managing Up → Extrovert: Strategies

Listen to him talk.

Exhibit friendliness. If you lean toward introversion, then your interactions and communication preferences may not be aligned.

Don't take everything as gospel. Everything he says may not be actionable.

Speak up. Be straightforward and transparent. Don't be Wishy-washy with him.

Clarify and confirm on what he asks you to do. Recap action items before taking action. This will ensure things are exactly what he wants.

Get comfortable jumping into the discussion else you may lose opportunity to add value.

Get face time. Physically meet and talk to him. Engage him in conversations.

Explain your silence. "Give me a moment to think about it."

Re-fill your energy and have enough rest each weekend. Working for extroverts can be very draining sometimes.

Check in regularly and don't ghost - you stay in communication with him even if you're highly independent.

Participate in brainstorming session with him even if you're not keen.

Don't hijack his conversion in the middle. Wait for him to finish first.

Take responsibility for refocusing conversations when necessary.

Push back if you have too much loads to handle.

Listen to his ideas and help him sort out external processing.