Career Managing Up → Micromanager: Strategies

Don't resist on getting micro-managed. Just follow it through.

Stay one step ahead. Anticipate and act.

Develop trust as much of micro-managing is due to distrust in your capability or fear of things going wrong. Work to build trust and rapport.

Keep your boss overly informed. Keep your Micromanager informed and in the loop.

Make sure you know stuff that is most important to him.

Seek feedback and don't take it personally.

Deliver high-quality work every time and earn trust.

Ask and recap. Ask lots of questions and his preferences to gather details of each assignment.

Learn and attend to their concerns.

Think back and reflect. Look at your own behavior. Are you the only complaining? Are there any coworkers who he leaves alone? Take an objective look at your attitude, productivity, work quality. Have you done everything perfect?

Give it time to build trust as building trust with him will take longer than other types of managers.

Overwhelm your boss with the data he wants.

Make sure you put what is important to your boss up front.

Update him frequently. Ask for specifics up front.