Career Managing Up → Advancer: Strategies

Value results over relationships.

Speed up. Think extra steps ahead of your boss.

Be brief.

Be quick.

Be business-like and be gone.

Avoid analysis paralysis. Don't go extra miles for lengthy discussions or perfection.

Bring solutions, not problems.

Request for help but don't complain.

Ask what he needs and deliver it. Don't ask how you can get it done.

Do your homework as he likes to use time wisely.

Don't get mushy as this may indicate weakness to him. He may not care about emotion.

Be friendly but don't expect to be friends.

Be a good follower as he likes being boss and he likes you to be his beck and call.

Oppose with caution. Present opposing views in private.

Avoid being overly aggressive or insistent.

Get things done. Anticipate his needs and requests.

Focus on facts, tasks and ideas rather than people, emotion, worry.

Be quick, focused and get to the point.

Be prepared for things in advance before meeting him.

Take the initiative. Ask what needs to be done.

Do what you said you would do.

Get results and make stuff happen.

Don't try to manipulate - Being a disingenuous “yes man” in meetings, relentlessly flattering your boss, or presenting things as unrealistically good are bad habits.

Don't attempt to cover anything up - Even in situations where you really don’t want to disappoint, the truth will out. So when you make a mistake or something goes wrong, don’t blame others or try to make excuses, just own up to the situation immediately.

Focus on your effort and work on what matters most to him.

Relentlessly remember and accomplish his assigned tasks without forgetting them even if he seems to forgets (in fact, no) them.

Avoid unnecessary interaction.

Make sure you do clear communication and reporting at all times.

Don't provide data or speculation you just "think" or "guess". Be realistic.

Speed up your hardwork level in line with the boss.

Level up your hardwork level in line with the boss.