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Dream Boss - person who totally gets/respects/trusts you. You feel motivated and empowered. Working with him is a delight and you would do anything for this boss. The relationship feels natural and easy.

Nightmare Boss – boss from hell. You dread coming to work.You come home from work every day exhausted and demoralized. Thought of him makes you furious. You're losing motivation daily. Sunday evenings feel like you're reporting to prison tomorrow.

A brand new boss, someone you’ve never met before -

A manager you don’t see face-to-face because she works in another location -

An insecure boss (hint: it’s important to know how to tame his ego) -

An all-knowing or indecisive boss -

A manager who gives you conflicting messages -

A long-winded boss -

A ghost/hands-off boss -

A manager who isn’t as smart as you -

A boss that’s actually a board of directors -



Advancer: focused on tasks and achieving results, taking actions; work oriented, demanding, seeks controls

Energizer: people person, enthusiastic, motivating others, tends to generalize/exaggerate, uses hunch to make decision

Evaluator: detail-oriented, factual, quality focused, seeks perfection, may overthink things

Harmonizer: diplomatic, agreeable, slow at taking actions, seeks stability, supportive





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