Career Managing Yourself → Career Progress

To have great career, one needs to have happy mind. To have happy mind, one needs to balance two sides of life

The path ahead is more important than the past success.

Keep succeeding and drawing inspiration from your past successes.

Mindful of other's achievements affecting you - It is a state of mind wherein others’ achievements become a burden in our life. Even the most positive people stop being happy about others’ progress and feel that they are being victimized

Step back and introspect.

Rediscover the moments that matter

Stay on course, understand yourself, be decisive

Never make Full Stop goals in career planning

Take pride of satisfaction in internal self not in monetary sense but in things such as making a difference, growing people, learning new things

Don't allow work life to steal your personal life

Many times future may look opaque, just enjoy the journey with no full stop.

Never settle into your comfort zone

Never think you're indispensable to the company

Never think you know everything and everyone should conform to your expectation

Look for challenges even in mundane jobs.

Retain your unique strength.

When it comes to careers, we have two choices: configure our life around our own uniqueness or try and copy someone else’s life and someone else’s uniqueness. We are what we chose or didn’t.

Don't fear the unknown.