Career Managing Yourself → Strategies - Disappointment/Unhappiness

Look at your mindset – Take a moment to realize that things won't always go your way. If they did, life would be a straight road instead of one with hills and valleys, ups and downs, right? And it's the hills and valleys that often make life so interestin

Adjust your goal – If you're disappointed that you didn't reach a goal, that doesn't mean the goal is no longer reachable. Keep the goal, but make a small change – for example, delay the deadline.

Record your thoughts – Write down exactly what is making you unhappy. Is it a co-worker? Is it your job? Do you have too much to do? Once you identify the problem, start brainstorming ways to solve it or work around it.

Remember, you always have the power to change your situation.

Make a habit to smile as always. – Strange as it may sound, forcing a smile can make you feel happy according to psychological study.