Career Managing Yourself → Ideas

Write down ideal working conditions (list only things you must not be willing to compromise / level of priorities), types of companies you're willing to work for. Update and amend those lists as and when you grow into the career period.

Apply those that matches with one of your expectations. Don't work for money. In order to generate excellence, you need support from working conditions (environment, culture, transport, type of manager)

Always think in terms of employers - what are they actually looking for?

How important is your technical skill / soft skill to the job you're applying for? Analyze it in details. Maybe you have an average skill in area A which the employer is strongly using it as the main criteria

Identify how you are positioning yourself in the candidate market place. If there is a misalignment/confusion that may cause to recruiters/employers, you need to sort it out.

Don't take it personally if you get rejected. Be honest what you can and what you cannot do. Don't be in a different persona in the interview

Your CV must be accurate and complete, reveals honest impression of yourself. Includes how employers can verify the authentication of your certifications. Never copy anything from another person's or the Internet's word templates.

Tailor your CV and cover letter according to the job you're applying for.

If you found things are not right in interview process (such as arrogant managers putting down you), do not continue further. Just politely decline.

The most important is to work with the right people, right work environment, and culture because you'll be spending large amount of your life time 5 days per week.

One important thing to work with recruiter, if you get employed through a recruiter, as the employer has to pay commission fee to the recruiter, you may be getting lower pay.

Separate the amount of questions in email/in-phone/in-person interview rounds.

Looking for job is an information gathering process at the start - you present yourself to potential employers who will then ask you questions.

Employers must be able to trust you. Maintain the highest level of integrity, honesty and trust.