Career Managing Yourself → Self-characters - Don'ts

Don't Bypass your boss

Don't gossip

Don't joke about work stuffs.

Don't keep pushing boss to get sponspor/sources

Don't Feel emotional and angry at any comments of bosses/co-workers

Don't say things in sarcastic negative ways. Sarcastic comments are no value.

Don't lie

Don't over-promise

Don't complain

Don't judget

Don't make excuses

Don't be stubborn

Don't take shortcuts in reaching decisions

Don't treat assumptions as FACTs

Don't spread negative energy.

Don't talk only about yourself. Listen first. Seek first to understand.

Don't do the easy thing by doing everything.

Don't worry about covering your bases or asses.

Don't require permission to act.

Don't pummel yourself with negative self-talk.

Don't feel the need to be perfect and beat yourself up when you fall short of perfection.

Don't be defensive.

Don't feel you are in competition with others.

Don't criticize

Don't complain

Don't condone.