Career Managing Yourself → Strategies - Anger/Aggravation

Take several deep breaths.

Repeat a calming word or phrase in your mind, such as "relax" or "stay calm."

Slowly count to 10.

Ask yourself, "How would my favorite leader handle this situation?"

Avoid tensing up your muscles. As soon as you can, close your eyes and consciously think to unclench your jaw and loosen your muscles.

Watch for early signs of anger – Only you know the danger signs when anger is building, so learn to recognize them when they begin. Stopping your anger early is key.

Go do high intensity exercise or sprint Run if you are at home.

Remember, you can choose how you react in a situation.

Just because your first instinct is to become angry doesn't mean it's the correct response.

If you start to get angry, stop what you're doing – Close your eyes, and practice the deep-breathing exercise. This interrupts your angry thoughts, and it helps put you back on a more positive path.

Picture yourself when you're angry – imagine how you look and behave while you're angry. Would you want to work with someone like that? Probably not.

Before you craft angry email/text, sleep on. Wait a day or two. Don't let anger control you and affect your work life due to a single text/email or a 5-minute frustrating argument.

Forgive - Nobody's perfect. Forgive them.